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From vietnam to the world

FOODELI specialises in manufacturing and distributing various kinds of Vietnamese noodles that are made of rice. Each product of FOODELI tells its own story about the origin and deliver the most authentic taste of local cuisine.

Viet cuisine has earned its reputation over the years with the famous Pho and Banh Mi. But that is not the whole essence of Vietnamese culinary culture. From the North to the very South of this small but beautiful country, traditional Vietnamese food with an elite reflection of the culture is phenomenal. Our mission is to make Viet local culinary varieties more convenient and accessible all over the world.

We are is the journey of bringing Viet local culinary to the world. Our products are now being sold in over 40,000 stores/outlets across Vietnam and we are growing to the international markets. we are proud to have established a strong relationship with multiple reputable partners in many fastidious markets such as Japan, Australia, USA and Europe. We cannot wait to see Vietnamese local culinary, some day, will become one of the lop leading cuisine that not only represent the nation but also the wider region.

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