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Did you know Phở started as a street food? 

​Phở was originally sold at dawn and dusk by roaming street vendors in Hanoi Old Quarter, who shoulder mobile kitchens on carrying poles (known as 'Phở Gánh'). Phở Gánh quickly became the culture of Hanoians and a nostalgic experience to anyone who had visited Vietnam. 

​Now, that experience has been carefully wrapped into an instant Phở Gánh Hà Nội package so you can savour the most authentic taste of Phở Gánh any where life takes you. 

Real Phở, Instant Experience! Why not? 

Besides the legendary Phở noodles, you might be overwhelmed knowing that there are hundreds types of noodles in Vietnam made from just one ingredient: RICE. Standing out among those is Mì Chũ (Chũ Noodles) originated from Bac Giang - a mountainous area in the North of Vietnam.


Mì Chũ gets its special aroma from freshly harvested rice in the Chũ mountain. The silky noodles and the classic broth are brought together into our instant Mì Chũ Bắc Giang package. Now you can enjoy this elite specialty in less than 3 minutes whenever and wherever you choose, not just in Vietnam.

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