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Made from 100% rice flour with traditional method, Vietnamese Phở Rice Noodles are a perfect choice for any accustomed mean of cooking your own version of Phở at home, making it a great option for those with gluten intolerance. Vietnamese Phở Rice Noodles reserve the aroma from freshly harvested rice with soft and silky texture, just like fresh noodles. 

Vietnamese Phở Rice Noodles/Quick Cook in 2 mins/200g

  • Country of origin: Vietnam

    Net weight: 200g/pack

    Serving per package: 4 (serving size: 50g) 

    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight 

    Naturally free from gluten 

  • 1. How to cook traditional Phở

    • Step 1: Boil a pot of water. Put the rice noodles into the pot, cook in 2 minutes. 
    • Step 2: Rinse well with cold water and drain. 
    • Step 3: Pour the broth gently over the noodles and enjoy

    2. How to cook stir fried Phở 

    • Step 1: Soak the noodles in water for 15 to 20 minutes or soak in hot water for approximately 5 minutes. 
    • Step 2: Rinse well with warer and drain. Stir fry with meat or seafood, vegetables and seasonings. 
    • Step 3: Add 1 to 2 spoons of water or broth and stir fry in 2 minutes until the noodles become soft. 
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